BAK2LIFE is the site for the sale of second-hand products to the general public of Bak2 Services, European specialist in recycling mobile phones, game consoles, laptops, touch pads, MP3 / MP4 players and other electronic products.Present on the recycling market since 1979, bak2 has been a pioneer in the recovery and treatment of unused mobile phones. Bak2 has already recycled more than 10 million mobile phones and donated more than € 10 million to charities.

Established in the North of France, bak2 assures you a strong reactivity and a quality listening. In addition, his knowledge of the market guarantees you competitive prices. Since then bak2 has opened its range to other electronic products.

The bak2 treatment site is ISO 9001/14001 / Waste management certified, which ensures that products are treated in accordance with European environmental directives. Finally, bak2 is above all a team on a human scale, available and attentive, which shares the same values ​​and the same passions: ecology, dynamism, respect & new technologies.